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Embracing the Challenges

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And what of mistakes? “In the old days, I would have cut off any area that was ‘wrong,’” Quinn says. “But, in fact, lots of so-called errors are easily removed. After all, what’s a mistake? These days, if I think I’ve done something wrong, I put the painting away and go back to it later rather than binning it. It can be a case of coming to terms with something that may not be quite what was intended, but is perfectly OK.”

— Iain Quinn, Watercolor Artist, June 2014, p. 47

Morning Haiku

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words fail to impress
now we’re down to nothing less

cat on keyboard lays
stretching out and yawning wide

Our Curiousity

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“Our Curiousity”, a video narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson and Felicia Day, is a small tribute to our intrepid robotic explorer, and the basic human need for exploration that put it on Mars, after the jump.

A New Jekyllpress Gem

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So, I made a new thing. :D


It’s a thor script that does a few things right now (so alpha!):

  • set up a _templates directory in your source directory.
  • create new posts and pages.

More to come!

Of particular note, this works with the latest version of jekyll, unlike the current version of that other press thing…