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2014-11-22 17:56:00 -0600Nov 22, 2014

Family Portrait

A snow leopard family portrait:

2014-11-22 17:42:00 -0600Nov 22, 2014

Quote: It is characteristic of human nature

“It is a characteristic of human nature to be inclined to regard anything which is disagreeable as untrue, and then without much difficulty to find arguments against it. So society pronounces the unacceptable as untrue, disputes the result… with logical and concrete arguments, arising, however, in emotional sources, and clings to them with all the strength of prejudice against every attempt at refutation.”

2014-11-21 15:37:00 -0600Nov 21, 2014

A new view of Europa

NASA offers us a new, stunning view of Jupiter’s moon, Europa: Europa

2014-11-17 13:59:00 -0600Nov 17, 2014

Quote: Vandana Shiva

Corporations are fictions

2014-11-16 09:36:00 -0600Nov 16, 2014

Bread Lamps (Visual News)

In today’s increasingly gluten free world, bread is getting a bad rap.

2014-11-12 19:16:00 -0600Nov 12, 2014

Quote: Isadora Duncan: You were once wild here

2014-11-12 17:05:00 -0600Nov 12, 2014

Awesome Autumn Colour Painting

Work in progress on a painting in class:

2014-11-12 11:15:00 -0600Nov 12, 2014

Philae Touchdown Confirmed!

TOUCHDOWN!!!! HolyCowHolyCowHolyCowHolyCowHolyCowHolyCowHolyCow!!

2014-11-10 17:23:00 -0600Nov 10, 2014

Moonrise from ISS

Image of the Moon rising over the limb of Earth taken from the ISS:

2014-11-09 10:45:00 -0600Nov 9, 2014

Easier Way to Source Locate DOM Elements

User Redgetan writes a blog post about a tool they’ve constructed that will help you locate the source of DOM elements. This can be quite useful when you have a plethora of elements generated in different files in your codebase, especially when there are many developers on a project and you don’t know the provenance of any particular element.

2014-11-09 08:53:00 -0600Nov 9, 2014

Ember.js Authentication the Right Way

Good article on setting token authorization in Ember.JS: Ember.js Authentication the Right Way

2014-11-03 01:20:00 -0600Nov 3, 2014

Altoids tin watercolour pallette attempt #2

Altoids tin portable #watercolour paint pallette.

2014-11-02 23:51:00 -0600Nov 2, 2014

How to: Converting Instance Variables to YAML in Ruby

(Reposting from my old wiki): On a recent post in ruby-talk, the question was asked how to convert something to YAML. Extending this generally to ruby objects, I went searching for something that would work besides a brute-force creation of a Hash.

2014-11-02 15:35:00 -0600Nov 2, 2014

Documenting Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions (commonly referred to as ‘regexes’) can be highly opaque voodunesque constructions that often are difficult to decipher and thus modify when the time comes. Regexes seem to be a black art to many people, and something that takes a while to understand and master. Documenting regexes is something practically no one does, yet could be so helpful for many people.

2014-11-02 15:12:00 -0600Nov 2, 2014

Dealing with mixed encodings in a file

What can you do when a file contains strings with mixed character set encodings?

2014-11-02 13:58:00 -0600Nov 2, 2014

Csikszentmihalyi on Sources of Creativity

How can interest and curiosity be cultivated, assuming that you feel the desire to do so? Some specific advice may help.

2014-10-31 12:10:00 -0500Oct 31, 2014

Gallery: Adorable Animal Drawings in Ann Arbor, Michigan

David Zinn is an Ann Arbor, Michigan, artist that creates adorable little 3-D street art. Following is a gallery of some of his work. He has a book out, “Lost & Found: Street Art by David Zinn”

2014-10-26 06:48:00 -0500Oct 26, 2014

ESPOD: Sun Pillar Over Beunos Aires

Impressive photograph of a Sun Pillar over Beunos Aires by photographer Sergio Montufar on ESPOD:

2014-10-26 06:38:00 -0500Oct 26, 2014

Stellar Debris in the Large Magellanic Cloud

I thought this image was rather interesting:

2014-10-26 06:30:00 -0500Oct 26, 2014

ESPOD: Solar Halo Over Pago Do Altar, Portugal

A beautiful solar halo over Pago Do Altar, Portugal, from ESPOD:

2014-10-26 06:16:00 -0500Oct 26, 2014

Quotes from Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard

Some great quotes by the people who created Silicon Valley and at the time one of the best companies ever.

2014-10-26 06:10:00 -0500Oct 26, 2014

Gallery: Nature Through Microscope and Camera (1909)

The Public Domain Review has some great stuff about books in the public domain. Nature Through Microscope and Camera published in 1909 yields some great images:

2014-10-26 05:33:00 -0500Oct 26, 2014

Link: Animated Graffit by A. L. Crego

Really glorious adaptations of street art, turning them into animated GIFs, artist A. L. Crego creates whimsy, new commentary, and political statement all in one. These are a lot of fun!

2014-10-26 05:17:00 -0500Oct 26, 2014

Link: Vi Hart: A Case Study in Musical Memory and Past Lives

Vi Hart is an awesome video blogger that makes these really awesome videos explaining math concepts and other things. In this article, she discussed something I am fascinated with: memory, especially musical memory, and how we humans process memories.

2014-10-26 05:02:00 -0500Oct 26, 2014

10 Reasons to Hate Capitalism

Dangerous Minds blog recently ran a commentary on the reasons to hate capitalism.

2014-10-26 04:50:00 -0500Oct 26, 2014

Link: Fairy Doors

Over at Kate’s Creative Space, way back in 2012, there’s a super fun article on creating the impression that we are not alone – Fairy Doors keep appearing in various places, a la “The Borrowers”, the great set of children’s books by Mary Norton.

2014-10-25 20:40:00 -0500Oct 25, 2014

ESPOD: Magellanic Clouds, Milky Way, and Zodiacal Light over Reunion Island

Today’s Earth Science Picture of the Day features an superb image by Fabrice Conques of large and small magellanic clouds, the milky way, and zodiacal light over Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. Just beautiful stuff!

2014-10-25 00:59:00 -0500Oct 25, 2014

Gallery: Chloe the orphan wombat

From Zooborns: Chloe the orphan wombat:

2014-10-25 00:14:00 -0500Oct 25, 2014

Orion spacecraft rendering.

Artists rendering of the Orion spacecraft:

2014-10-22 01:11:00 -0500Oct 22, 2014

Link: When Women Stopped Coding

Article from NPR relating to the fact that women in computing peaked in the mid-80s and has gone downhill since.

2014-10-22 00:57:00 -0500Oct 22, 2014

Link: The best coding language for you to learn

A good commentary on what language one should really be learning to become a great programmer, from Roger Huang on code(love).

2014-10-22 00:37:00 -0500Oct 22, 2014

A Green changes their mind regarding nuclear energy

This is not a new article, as it appeared in The Guardian back in 2011. It is still a timely topic, however, and energy policies around the world in the ever increasing churn of climate change, economics, government policies, and so on, especially regarding nuclear power and it’s place in the mix, remains firmly entrenched in debate and soundbyte-ism, rather than any sort of progress. Polemics and demagoguery still rule the roost, but the commentary here at least acknowledges that nuclear is part of the mix.

2014-10-19 19:19:00 -0500Oct 19, 2014

Ingrid's Notes - The Color Thesaurus

via Laughing Squid comes an article about “The Color Thesaurus” put together by Ingrid Sundberg. As a watercolourist, I truly appreciate the collection Ingrid has compiled here.

2014-10-11 00:28:00 -0500Oct 11, 2014

APOD: Lunar Eclipse at Moonrise

APOD Image 2014-10-11: Lunar Eclipse at Moonrise: Zhou Yannan:

2014-10-07 02:22:00 -0500Oct 7, 2014

Best tweet this week

This from a couple days ago now, has blown up and gone viral all over twitter.

2014-10-06 19:53:00 -0500Oct 6, 2014

Be Seeing You

Saw this on the street today as I walked out of work. I started looking around for Patrick MacGoohan…. #beseeingyou

2014-10-02 11:47:00 -0500Oct 2, 2014

TOS;DR - making web site terms of service tractable to users

Web site TOSDR aims to make web site Terms of Service (TOS) easier to understand and help users know their rights:

2014-10-02 07:56:00 -0500Oct 2, 2014

Watercolour Class: Negative Painting Exercise

I did an exercise in “negative painting” where you concentrate on the painting in the negative spaces. My teacher pulled a book sort of at random from the shelf and handed it to me, as I was a bit uninspired. This was by Linda Kemp, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Not 30 seconds, but about 30 minutes.

2014-09-29 02:55:00 -0500Sep 29, 2014

Beaker, you're looking a bit wooden lately.

Someone did a bit of VandalEyes on a tree and came up with this:

2014-09-28 01:27:00 -0500Sep 28, 2014

Mono no aware

I wish I had heard of this term before; the concept is quite familiar.

2014-09-27 23:57:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

Flight Assembled Architecture

This is really pretty cool – using robotic flying machines to assemble a structure.

2014-09-27 22:18:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

HTTP Status Cats - a set on Flickr

Some folks are having a lot of fun.

2014-09-27 22:12:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

ambidextrous drawing

Some amazing two-handed drawing in time-lapse of the two main characters from The Shawshank Redemption. It is fascinating to watch this artist work.

2014-09-27 22:01:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

Tiny Turtles on Strawberries

So cute!! Tiny turtles on strawberries!!

2014-09-27 21:57:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

bouncing octopode babies

Cute, but gets annoying after looking at it for too long. :)

2014-09-27 21:46:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

Mountain Biker + Dog = Awesome

Lily, the mascot of, enjoys chasing things. So off she goes with one of her pals chasing after him on his mountain bike.

2014-09-27 21:32:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

Gorgeous Panoramic view of the Chajnantor Array

The view from Chajnantor
Click to make bigger.

2014-09-27 21:17:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS on Vimeo

This may singularly define what it is like to live in the future now. I look at the video, I know it’s from actual photographs stiched into a time-lapse sequence, and yet I still think “Wow, that’s an excellent CGI movie of traveling around the earth.” I’m so strange sometimes.

2014-09-27 21:08:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

Repost: The 400-word Palindrome of Barry Duncan

I originally posted this in the (way-old) blog back in November 2011. Going through some of those old posts, I thought this well worth repeating.

2014-09-27 20:55:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014


A chance encounter and shared moment with one of nature’s greatest and most fleeting phenomena.

2014-09-27 20:22:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

Poetry: Declaration of the Free, by Robert Ingersoll

A poem found that speaks volumes in today’s ever encroaching police state, dispensation of freedoms for the illusion of security, and ever-increasing violence by the people sworn to protect and serve the citizenry.

2014-09-27 19:45:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

Interesting article on perception and our senses

This was an interesting read, as it intersects with my personal thoughts based on my experience studying how people work and how people perceive the world around them. In a nutshell, our senses are much stronger than we give them credit for, and our basic human ability to deal with the world around us is based on what we pay attention to.

2014-09-27 17:13:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

Repost: Maddie Chamber's Hobbit Hole

A model maker’s dream house: A Hobbit Hole!

2014-09-27 16:46:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

LRO: And the flag was still there

Lunar Reconnassance Orbiter, taking shots of the moon just 50km off the surface, has been doing flybys of the Apollo 17 landing site, and has seen the actual US flag still there!

2014-09-27 16:40:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

New Zealand v. Scotland in Rugby

This is an old ad, but still one of my very favourites. :)

2014-09-27 14:29:00 -0500Sep 27, 2014

Converting blog to pure Jekyll

I had originally created this blog using Octopress, but have become disillusioned with the lack of progress in that, and the lack of adoption of nifty new capabilities in Jekyll. So I redid it.

2014-08-25 12:53:00 -0500Aug 25, 2014

Embracing the Challenges

And what of mistakes? “In the old days, I would have cut off any area that was ‘wrong,’” Quinn says. “But, in fact, lots of so-called errors are easily removed. After all, what’s a mistake? These days, if I think I’ve done something wrong, I put the painting away and go back to it later rather than binning it. It can be a case of coming to terms with something that may not be quite what was intended, but is perfectly OK.”
— Iain Quinn, Watercolor Artist, June 2014, p. 47

2014-08-13 09:07:34 -0500Aug 13, 2014

Morning Haiku

A couple haiku I wrote this morning

2014-08-10 20:40:09 -0500Aug 10, 2014

Our Curiousity

“Our Curiousity”, a video narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson and Felicia Day, is a small tribute to our intrepid robotic explorer, and the basic human need for exploration that put it on Mars.

2014-08-10 20:19:41 -0500Aug 10, 2014

Star cluster Pismis 24

Beautiful Image via Hubble:

2014-08-08 23:19:52 -0500Aug 8, 2014


2014-08-07 14:23:54 -0500Aug 7, 2014

Video: Rose of Jericho

A time lapse video of a Rose of Jericho (Seleginilla lepidophylla), a desert plant that can survive nearly complete desiccation and revive when exposed to water.

2014-08-01 11:35:37 -0500Aug 1, 2014

Why I Love Sea Otters

2014-07-29 22:21:00 -0500Jul 29, 2014

end of a summer storm - music video

Have to share this

2014-07-28 00:29:00 -0500Jul 28, 2014

A new jekyllpress gem

So, I made a new thing. :D

2014-07-27 07:09:56 -0500Jul 27, 2014

Chris Pine's _Learn to Program_ on Unshelved Comic

Chris Pine’s Learn to Progam got a shout-out on the Unshelved Comic a couple days ago (July 25th, 2014), a very happy collision of two of my favourite things. :D

2014-07-12 13:56:33 -0500Jul 12, 2014

Career Advice

Something that comes up quite often on IRC is the question: “How do I get a job programming Ruby?”, usually from people new to programming. I decided to post my response.

2014-07-09 16:37:05 -0500Jul 9, 2014

puppy logic

Puppy Logic on twitter: Life Lessons from the Dogs:

2014-07-05 13:25:18 -0500Jul 5, 2014

New-found artist: Victoria Georgina Gibson - Angel

I have recently come across a composer, Victoria Georgina Gibson, whose work is just beautiful.

2014-07-05 10:57:18 -0500Jul 5, 2014

A place to get started in web design

I’m forwarding (from an e-mail) an opportunity to attend a workshop for folks who are at the very beginning of learning web design, or are asking the quesiton “Where do I begin?”.

2014-06-27 17:14:50 -0500Jun 27, 2014

Cassini Top 10 Images (via NASA)

The Cassini team graces us with a retrospective showing the Top 10 images Cassini has sent us over the past 10 years the observer has been orbiting Saturn and her moons and rings.

2014-06-24 21:11:24 -0500Jun 24, 2014

Orion's Belt Rising Through Atmosphere

2014-06-21 14:23:40 -0500Jun 21, 2014

360 Degree Time-Lapse Panorama of Night Sky with Milky Way

Vincent Brady: Planetary Panoramas

2014-06-21 11:43:21 -0500Jun 21, 2014

Humans of New York: His Grandmother and I Are Raising Him

“His grandmother and I are raising him. — Humans of New York

2014-06-19 11:59:16 -0500Jun 19, 2014


On my morning commute, downpour outside the tram:

2014-06-17 21:53:04 -0500Jun 17, 2014

Wet Owls - So Adorable!

2014-05-19 21:03:55 -0500May 19, 2014

Dancing Bats (video)

This is absolutely hysterical: a video of dancing bats

2014-05-11 22:52:50 -0500May 11, 2014

Learning Resources for Software Development and Programming

I’ve pulled together a short list of resources I feel people wishing to learn software development could start with. I’ve nailed this page and will be adding to it from time to time, so bookmark it and check back.

2014-04-27 21:36:43 -0500Apr 27, 2014

Seven Deadly Social Sins (Ghandi)

A list closing an article in Young India (22 October 1925); Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi Vol. 33 (PDF) p. 135.

2014-04-24 09:56:56 -0500Apr 24, 2014

Turning off IPv6 in OS/X Maverics 10.9

I recently had a problem connecting via wi-fi at a local restaurant. This is how I solved it.

2014-04-19 10:09:38 -0500Apr 19, 2014

A Culture Unaware of Its Impact

Three things have come across my view this week that are all tied together:

2014-04-18 13:22:20 -0500Apr 18, 2014

Shallow acceptance from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. -- MLK, Jr.

First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate.

— Martin Luther King, Jr., “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, Why We Can’t Wait (1963)

2014-04-09 19:38:01 -0500Apr 9, 2014

Competition Done Right

These women sure no how to compete with each other! Video is hillarious.

2014-03-31 02:39:33 -0500Mar 31, 2014

Learning Simplicity

I think most programmers spend the first 5 years of their career mastering complexity, and the rest of their lives learning simplicity.

— Buzz Anderson (@buzz) on Twitter

2014-03-09 19:59:49 -0500Mar 9, 2014

It Is Up To Us (quote)

In all our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

— Carl Sagan

2014-03-09 19:30:30 -0500Mar 9, 2014

Don't Judge a House by It's Exterior

This 4 bedroom property resides in Hillingdon, Middlesex in the UK. It is anything short of your average home.

2014-03-08 15:06:00 -0600Mar 8, 2014

Playing Around with Thor Generators

Automating things has been somewhat of a life goal for me. Ultimately, I’m a pretty lazy person, and I hate to have to do things repetitively, and if I can get the computer to do it for me, I’ll write a script. (Although I admit this sometimes devolves into Yak shaving.)

2014-03-06 19:59:00 -0600Mar 6, 2014

Fireball & Auroras - Yellowknife, Canada

Fireball & Auroras, Taken by Yuichi Takasaka on March 6, 2014 @ Vee Lake, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

2014-03-02 08:13:00 -0600Mar 2, 2014

The Artist's Tool Kit (R.Genn)

Robert Genn in a recent post outlined six items every budding artist needs in their “kit”:

2014-03-02 07:53:00 -0600Mar 2, 2014

Quote: Your children are not your children.

Your children are not your children

— Kahlil Gibran

2014-03-01 15:00:00 -0600Mar 1, 2014

The Incredible Beauty of the Ovation Aurora Borealis

Some incredible shots of the recent Aurora Borealis spectacle in February 2014:

2014-03-01 14:46:00 -0600Mar 1, 2014


2014-03-01 14:35:00 -0600Mar 1, 2014

Animal Alphabet

Marcus Reed has created a wonderfully lovely illustrated animal alphabet:

2014-03-01 14:25:00 -0600Mar 1, 2014

Astounding Photo of Surfer and Dolphin

2014-02-23 13:26:00 -0600Feb 23, 2014

Video from Animals Australia

A video from Animals Australia

2014-02-21 07:37:00 -0600Feb 21, 2014

Quote: Lawrence Krause: "Our Brief Moment In the Sun"

“A universe without purpose should neither depress us nor suggest that our lives are purposeless.

— Lawrence Krauss

2014-02-19 07:42:00 -0600Feb 19, 2014

Solitude [quote]

A man can be himself only so long as he is alone; and if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom; for it is only when he is alone that he is really free.

— Arthur Schopenhauer, Essays and Aphorisms

2014-02-15 13:18:00 -0600Feb 15, 2014


From the Minneapolis StarTribune Outdoor section, owls:

2014-02-15 10:42:00 -0600Feb 15, 2014

Heart and Soul Nebulae -- NASA WISE

Heart and Soul Nebulae

2014-02-15 10:30:00 -0600Feb 15, 2014

ESOD: Storm Cloud Over Essex, UK

2014-02-15 10:03:00 -0600Feb 15, 2014

Triangulum Galaxy

Triangulum Galaxy

2014-02-15 09:52:00 -0600Feb 15, 2014

Quote: Jason Read: The Nature of Parasites

“People who dismiss the unemployed and dependent as ‘parasites’ fail to understand economics and parasitism.

— Jason Read

2014-02-15 08:55:00 -0600Feb 15, 2014

Press Release: Pelican Bay Short Corridor Human Rights Movement Statement February 2014

Signal Boosting: Pelican Bay Hunger Strike

2014-02-09 11:46:00 -0600Feb 9, 2014

Black Sand Beach on South Coast of Iceland - epod

Black Sand Beach on South Coast of Iceland

2014-02-09 01:00:00 -0600Feb 9, 2014

Kiss in the Rain

Because, ultimately, what life is all about is not waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to kiss in the rain.

2014-02-07 22:59:00 -0600Feb 7, 2014

The Truth About Engineers

This pretty much explains engineers.

2014-02-04 11:48:00 -0600Feb 4, 2014

Dieter Ram's 10 Principles For Good Design - readymag

Back in the late 1970s, Dieter Rams was becoming increasingly concerned by the state of the world around him — “an impenetrable confusion of forms, colours and noises.” Aware that he was a significant contributor to that world, he asked himself an important question: is my design good design?

2014-02-02 18:59:00 -0600Feb 2, 2014

Stellar Debris is Pretty

Stellar Debris in the Large Magellanic Cloud

2014-01-30 05:07:00 -0600Jan 30, 2014

Quote: Never Waste Your Time...

“Never waste your time tyring to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you.”

2014-01-25 01:25:00 -0600Jan 25, 2014

Medium: Finding Stock Photos

Stock photos that don’t suck

2014-01-25 00:41:00 -0600Jan 25, 2014

Sea Otter Mom and Pup Visit MBA

This is just so cool! A Sea Otter mother and her pup came into the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s outdoor tidal pool area this week. It was huge news. Zooborns presents a small gallery of pictures.

2014-01-19 10:41:00 -0600Jan 19, 2014

These are pretty funny photo juxtapositions

These are some pretty funny photo juxtapositions.

2014-01-15 23:10:00 -0600Jan 15, 2014

Franciso Negroni: Explosive Images from the Cordón Caulle volcano in Chilé

Images by Franciso Negroni of the Cordón Caulle volcano:

2014-01-15 20:00:00 -0600Jan 15, 2014

This is why Gandi.Net is my Registrar of Choice

I have been trying to flee the Large US Internet Registrar and Hosting company for the past year or more. Gandi.Net has been my registrar of choice for a few years now, and I run a VPS from them as well.

2014-01-06 02:33:00 -0600Jan 6, 2014

From Static to Dynamic Typing: a Change In Beliefs

Sandy Metz’s Book, Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby, she discusses the paradigm shift needed to believe that dynamically typed languages, such as Ruby, can be better than statically typed languages.

2014-01-04 20:35:00 -0600Jan 4, 2014

Sunset on Another Planet (A moment frozen in time)

A moment frozen in time

2013-12-31 22:30:00 -0600Dec 31, 2013

Write It On Your Heart [Emerson]

Write it on your heart
that every day is the best day in the year.
He is rich who owns the day, and no one owns the day
who allows it to be invaded with fret and anxiety.
Finish every day and be done with it.
You have done what you could.
Some blunders and absurdities, no doubt crept in.
Forget them as soon as you can, tomorrow is a new day;
begin it well and serenely, with too high a spirit
to be cumbered with your old nonsense.
This new day is too dear,
with its hopes and invitations,
to waste a moment on the yesterdays.

2013-12-30 02:31:00 -0600Dec 30, 2013

Today's Painting: Alaskan Aurora

Yes, it was a quite week in the heights (Mendota Heights, that is). We had no class last week, and there’s no class this week. (Painting class, that is.) So, like, you know, you do, we got out the paints. Here’s my rendition:

2013-12-27 20:48:00 -0600Dec 27, 2013

Humans Share Movement Patterns with Sharks, Bees

Article on an anthropological phenomenon called the Lévy walk.

2013-12-27 20:20:00 -0600Dec 27, 2013


One of the most courageous decisions you will ever make is to finally let go of that which is hurting your heart and soul.

— Brigitte Nicole

2013-12-27 20:09:00 -0600Dec 27, 2013


2013-12-24 20:58:00 -0600Dec 24, 2013

Addams Family Christmas

“Suddenly I have a dreadful urge to be merry.”

2013-12-23 23:53:00 -0600Dec 23, 2013

UX: What Does "Flat Design" Really Mean? (link)

In a really good article, Is your interface what it needs to be? on Medium, Andrei Gonzales explains why the current “Flat Design” trend is more than just a fad, and how to look deeper into choices made for user interaction (UX) design.

2013-12-23 22:42:00 -0600Dec 23, 2013

Giovanni Paglioli: Around Gamma Cassiopeiae

Giovanni Paglioli has captured and composited a fantastic image of the region around Gamma Cassiopeiae:

2013-12-23 16:39:00 -0600Dec 23, 2013

How To: Add Travis CI Capability to a Github Repo

A&D has a private Travis-CI server that is used to verify changes to our private repos. Initially, this repo did not use travis, since it didn’t really have any automated tests to run.

2013-12-22 18:29:00 -0600Dec 22, 2013

Cool Things: Web Sequence Diagramer

I was reading up on Gollum, the wiki used by Github when I ran across this cool web tool:

2013-12-20 19:48:00 -0600Dec 20, 2013

Eberswalde Delta, Mars

Eberswalde Delta, Mars

2013-12-20 02:28:00 -0600Dec 20, 2013

This is why I don't like sites like codeacademy

The biggest problem I have with sites like CodeAcademy is shown in the following screenshot:

2013-12-20 00:32:00 -0600Dec 20, 2013

Video: Puppy gets 210 water bottles for Christmas!

Such a wonderful human to give this to their puppy.

2013-12-20 00:05:00 -0600Dec 20, 2013

Quote: Carl Sagan on Kid's Scientific Questions

Many adults are put off when youngsters pose scientific questions. Children ask why the sun is yellow, or what a dream is, or how deep you can dig a hole, or when is the world’s birthday, or why we have toes.

— Carl Sagan,

2013-12-14 18:42:00 -0600Dec 14, 2013

Gorgeous photo by Hans Menop

A gorgeously foggy and hazy photo of a river boat:

2013-12-14 18:27:00 -0600Dec 14, 2013

Bottlenose Dolphin Rescue

This is a beautiful moment, when a dolphin comes over to a group of divers, who discover it has a fishing line and hook tangled around it’s pectoral fin and in it’s mouth.

2013-12-10 19:39:00 -0600Dec 10, 2013

Baby Squirrel Survives Nearly Being Frozen, Makes Best Friends With Dog

Story of a baby squirrel found nearly frozen, but revived and nursed to health by a kind redditor.

2013-12-10 17:51:00 -0600Dec 10, 2013

A bit of maths humour

When mathematicians turn to punning…

2013-12-09 01:04:00 -0600Dec 9, 2013

Comet Lovejoy Being Quite Picturesque

Comet Lovejoy posing over a windmill

2013-12-08 14:35:00 -0600Dec 8, 2013

Rise Up For Elephants

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Logo

2013-12-07 21:04:00 -0600Dec 7, 2013

Hutia Babies Hitch a Ride

2013-12-03 06:50:00 -0600Dec 3, 2013

WolframAlpha: "Why are fire trucks red?"

WolframAlpha’s answer to “Why are fire trucks red?”

2013-12-02 19:11:00 -0600Dec 2, 2013

The Cygnus Loop

The Cygnus Loop

2013-11-29 12:37:00 -0600Nov 29, 2013

Developing a Ruby Gem

This is a tiny guide to creating a new ruby gem. Gems in ruby are reusable libraries, components, packages, and/or applications. Consider writing gems as opposed to putting everything into a single application. (You can combine gems into a single application, but it makes sense to have separate components that do one thing really well.)

2013-11-29 09:28:00 -0600Nov 29, 2013

A Poem by Wilhelm Reich

The basic truths in all teachings of mankind are alike
And amount to on common thing:
To find your way to the thing you feel When you love dearly,
Or when you create,
Or when you build your home,
Or when you give birth to your children,
Or when you look at the stars at night

2013-11-28 22:30:00 -0600Nov 28, 2013

DakotaLapse: Red Desert

Another stupendous image from DakataLapse:

2013-11-28 19:31:00 -0600Nov 28, 2013

Because Cats

From Uncle George:

2013-11-28 19:23:00 -0600Nov 28, 2013

Image: All this technology is making us antisocial

2013-11-27 16:32:00 -0600Nov 27, 2013

Amazing ISON Cometness!

Some really amazing images of the ISON comet.

2013-11-27 12:53:00 -0600Nov 27, 2013

Whenever you hear or read something

Whenever you hear or read something of a spiritual nature
that moves you, that touches your soul,

2013-11-26 01:12:00 -0600Nov 26, 2013

Klyuchevskoy Eruption: ESPOD Nov 25th, 2013

Klyuchevskoy Eruption

2013-11-23 17:35:00 -0600Nov 23, 2013

On Team Mascots Using Native American Names and Images

A white man and an elderly Native man became pretty good friends, so the white guy decided to ask him: “What do you think about Indian mascots?”

— Kent Nerburn

2013-11-23 12:47:00 -0600Nov 23, 2013

GoldieBlox: Toys for Future Female Engineers

I’ve recently come across GoldieBlox which is a startup with a kickstarter which has successfully met it’s funding goal to create a set of construction toys aimed at young girls.

2013-11-23 12:39:00 -0600Nov 23, 2013

Quote: Harriet Tubman

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

— Harriet Tubman

2013-11-19 15:59:00 -0600Nov 19, 2013

R'ha -- A SciFi Short Film

A very well done short science fiction film created by Kaleb Lechowski. A vignette into a war between a flesh-based species and a machine-based species.

2013-11-18 20:56:00 -0600Nov 18, 2013

Boxful of Corgis

A litter of tiny corgi puppies — Moka, Koa, Zeus, Juan, and Kailani — arrive at college apartment in a box, and playfully explore their new environment in this cute video by Alyssa Royce.

2013-11-17 21:25:00 -0600Nov 17, 2013

DevOps for Developers Video Series

A new series on how to deploy web applications, especially for developers. Essential knowledge often difficult to pull together for new Rails developers.

2013-11-17 20:36:00 -0600Nov 17, 2013

Quote: Everyone is fighting their own battles

Everyone is fighting their own battles

to be free from the past,
live in their present,
and to create a future for themselves.

So have heart.

2013-11-13 18:54:00 -0600Nov 13, 2013

Fascinating article pushing the boundaries on CSS design

Over on her blog, Sara Soueidan writes about creating non-rectangular (!!) layouts using CSS Shapes.

2013-11-12 23:51:00 -0600Nov 12, 2013

Korg has a new DIY synth kit out with LittleBits

Korg and LittleBits have produced a snazzy little snap-together set of parts to make a synthesizer that comes packaged for instant music making. This is something I would love to get my hands on, and seems like something that would be really cool to bring into schools.

2013-11-12 23:09:00 -0600Nov 12, 2013

Yamaha Electric Concept Bikes at Tokyo Motor Show

Yamaha has put up a set of concept bikes for the Tokyo Motor Show. I’ve been interested in electric motorcycles for a while now, years, even. I had an electric scooter at one point, but it was a very underpowered thing that I didn’t really consider safe enough for heavy traffic areas.

2013-10-31 22:03:00 -0500Oct 31, 2013

Solitary Confinements Invisible Scars

A recent article in The Guardian offers up the stark reality of what it is like to be subjected to the torture of solitary.

2013-10-29 23:19:00 -0500Oct 29, 2013


Sweet gallery of pictures from a kitten and a ferret. Lots of love here.

2013-10-27 05:40:00 -0500Oct 27, 2013

Watercolour Teaches Commitment

Watercolour painting is a microcosm of some of life’s learnings. One of those is about commitment, especially commitment when you can’t be sure of the outcomes.

2013-10-24 08:11:00 -0500Oct 24, 2013

Some Interesting Images

Just a couple of images I found interesting recently:

2013-10-24 07:59:00 -0500Oct 24, 2013

Panda Twins Named at Zoo Atlanta

This pair is so gosh-darn cute, it’s almost beyond expression, except “SQQQUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

2013-10-23 17:01:00 -0500Oct 23, 2013

Testing Droid4 Orientation Effect on Photos

A correspondent was showing a picture they had posted from their phone (running iOS7) that was in the wrong orientation (was showing landscape instead of portrait). Delving deeper, some findings…

2013-10-20 23:33:00 -0500Oct 20, 2013

FREE! FREE! 100's of Free Programming Books

Victor Felder has taken his list of Free Programming Books and put it on Github for collaborative updating. (Seems it is going into other languages quite a bit.) This is a great resource for folks looking to learn something technical.

2013-10-19 23:46:00 -0500Oct 19, 2013

DakotaLapse: Plains Milky Way

Randy Halverson of DakotaLapse re-edited previous footage from May of 2011 into a new time-lapse movie, “Plains Milky Way” (embedded after the jump).

2013-10-17 14:00:00 -0500Oct 17, 2013

Hubble's Most Important Image

The story of how Hubble scientists turned the telescope on a completely dark area of sky, not once, but twice, and the discovery that not only was that area not dark, but was full of galaxies – yes galaxies, not just stars. The video is amazing.

2013-10-16 19:18:00 -0500Oct 16, 2013

Painting Class: emulating Don Andrews' Style

Linda took a workshop led by Don Andrews, and showed us his style of painting. We practiced his technique in class today.

2013-10-16 17:45:00 -0500Oct 16, 2013

Christopher Walken as Mad Tailor in Clothing Ads

From a story in AdWeek, Danish Clothing maker Jack & Jones cast the great Christopher Walken as a wordless tailor who’s ability to spin out clothing is practically supernatural.

2013-10-16 17:25:00 -0500Oct 16, 2013

Climber, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, NatGeo

Stunning image from National Geographic’s Picture of the Day of a Climber by Cory Richards.

2013-10-16 01:51:00 -0500Oct 16, 2013

Barishnakov Condemns Russian Anti-LGBT Policies

“My life has been immensely enriched by gay mentors, colleagues and friends and any discrimination and persecution of gay people is unacceptable.

2013-10-13 16:34:00 -0500Oct 13, 2013

Carl Sagan Quote on Books

What an astonishing thing a book is.

— Carl Sagan

2013-10-09 12:26:00 -0500Oct 9, 2013

Astounding 419 Spam -- or -- How is the US Government Raising Funds?

I got this astounding 419 Scam email today, purportedly from the F.B.I. But maybe it is legit, and the US Gov needs this money desperately…

2013-10-09 10:13:00 -0500Oct 9, 2013

Green Fireball

Green Fireball

2013-09-29 17:09:00 -0500Sep 29, 2013

Tim Minchin gives some good advice while not giving any good advice

Tim Minchin, the Australian multi-talented performer, who is just diabolically intelligent, gives some remarks to students from his former university, University of Western Australia, wherein he gives some great advice while not really giving any advice at all.

2013-09-28 17:13:00 -0500Sep 28, 2013

Jekyll: Making Posts Sticky

A recent visitor to the IRC channel #octopress was wondering how they could have both regular pagination and sticky posts that always show up on the first page.

2013-09-28 00:24:00 -0500Sep 28, 2013

"Tail recursion is it's own reward" --

Thanks again, Randall, for a stunningly amusing comic:

2013-09-27 21:31:00 -0500Sep 27, 2013

Gingko Biloba Trees Hardier Than I Knew (TW: Bombing, Hiroshima)

A friend found this in the wikipedia article on the Ginkgo Biloba.

2013-09-26 19:39:00 -0500Sep 26, 2013

Your Point is Moot - Platypi in Hats

2013-09-26 13:33:00 -0500Sep 26, 2013

Book: Handbook to Higher Consciousness

This book is instrumental in teaching me how to live my life in a conscious, loving way, free from addictions of power, security and sensation.

2013-09-26 13:24:00 -0500Sep 26, 2013

An inspirational letter from Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Clarissa Pinkola Estes wrote the following essay, but I don’t know when or where I acquired it. It shows up many places on the web, but I can’t seem to find the original in order to cite it.

2013-09-26 12:26:00 -0500Sep 26, 2013

The Tea Story

A Zen story/koan about keeping room in your cup.

2013-09-25 00:16:00 -0500Sep 25, 2013

Silly and Cool: BBQ Donut Boat

So a friend of mine showed me this, a BBQ Donut Boat

2013-09-20 02:02:00 -0500Sep 20, 2013

APOD 20130919: Moon, Venus and Earth

See Explanation. Clicking on the picture will download the highest
resolution version

2013-09-16 02:29:00 -0500Sep 16, 2013

Updated resume

I updated my resume at again.

2013-09-15 09:16:00 -0500Sep 15, 2013

ISS Earth Observatory: Sunrise Over the Aleutians

Sunrise Over the Aleutian Islands

2013-09-15 09:08:00 -0500Sep 15, 2013

ISS Earth Observatory: Saudi At Night

Southwestern Saudi Arabia At Night

2013-09-15 09:01:00 -0500Sep 15, 2013

ISS Earth Observatory: Darwin Fires

Darwin Fires

2013-09-15 08:48:00 -0500Sep 15, 2013

ISS Earth Observatory: Laguna Verde Catamarca Salt Deposits

Laguna Verde Catamarca Salt Deposits

2013-09-14 20:58:00 -0500Sep 14, 2013

Rumi Quote

Out beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there

— Rumi

2013-09-14 09:49:00 -0500Sep 14, 2013

New Arrival at Belfast's Gorilla House!

Zooborns reports a new baby gorilla was born at Belfast’s Gorilla House.

2013-09-14 01:37:00 -0500Sep 14, 2013

The Laws of Software Design

In his book Code Simplicity, Max Kanat-Alexander lists six laws of software design in an appendix. These are a pretty good set of rules!

2013-09-11 23:36:00 -0500Sep 11, 2013

More hillarity from tenderlove...

2013-09-11 21:43:00 -0500Sep 11, 2013

Feynmann Quote on Questions and Answers

I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned. > — Richard Feynmann

2013-09-09 15:10:00 -0500Sep 9, 2013

Cool Thing Today: is a really cool website for sharing terminal sessions by capturing them and playing them back.

2013-09-07 16:02:00 -0500Sep 7, 2013

LADEE Flickr Group

NASA’s LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere Dust Environment Explorer) launched last night aboard a Minotaur rocket from Wallops Island, Virginia. Many photographers have shared their images on NASA’s LADEE Flickr pool.

2013-09-07 11:37:00 -0500Sep 7, 2013

Red Burns' List

Red Burns was the founder of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University, and the mostly unknown source for nearly all things related to the design process in technology, one of the very few people who put people as the center of the design process in technology.

2013-09-06 01:54:00 -0500Sep 6, 2013

Spring Storm and Milky Way

Spring Storm and Milky Way

2013-09-06 01:32:00 -0500Sep 6, 2013

Art and Love

Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.

— Chuck Klosterman

2013-09-05 20:01:01 -0500Sep 5, 2013

The most private thing...

Probably one of the most private things in the world is an egg before it is broken.

M.F.K. Fisher

2013-09-04 21:36:00 -0500Sep 4, 2013

Picasso on Art and the Establishment

“The right to free expression is something one seizes, not something one is given.”

2013-09-04 21:14:00 -0500Sep 4, 2013

Raindrop Paintings

Cloud Paintings Made from Collected Raindrops

2013-09-03 21:16:00 -0500Sep 3, 2013

Creativity Quote

Creativity is a better means of self-expression than possession; it is through creating, not possessing, that life is revealed.

2013-09-02 21:02:00 -0500Sep 2, 2013


Silliness abounds on the net: “Bunny with a ball rolling over”

2013-09-01 13:23:00 -0500Sep 1, 2013

RSpec Custom Formatters: Displaying Test Durations

The standard documentation formatter for RSpec does not show how long each test executes. This information is available in the HTML formatter, though, so I thought it could be available in others. Turns out this is true.

2013-08-31 20:00:00 -0500Aug 31, 2013

Sweet dreams are made of cheese

“Sweet dreams are made of cheese,
Who am I to dis a brie?
Cheddar the world with the feta cheese.
Ebry mousie’s looking for stilton.”

2013-08-30 12:08:00 -0500Aug 30, 2013

Video: Fastest Flying Birds on the Planet

Awesome video from the bird’s point of view of a peregrine falcon and a gos hawk.

2013-08-30 09:55:00 -0500Aug 30, 2013

Playing With Your Food: Foodscapes of Carl Warner

Carl Warner is a photographer with a great deal of whimsy. He has made a series of foodscapes that are just amazing in their surrealism, but all made from real food.

2013-08-27 21:00:00 -0500Aug 27, 2013

New Symphony of Science: Monsters of the Cosmos

The awesome folks at Symphony of Science have put out their newest installment: Monsters of the Cosmos that is all about black holes.

2013-08-26 20:42:00 -0500Aug 26, 2013

EPOD: Fog Bow

From August 23, 2013 EPOD, an amazing image of a fog bow:

2013-08-26 00:40:00 -0500Aug 26, 2013

Jekyllizing My Cookbook

Today’s fun was working with Jekyll, the static site generator that underlies Octopress and Github Pages. I have a cookbook online on my wiki. I am starting to look at moving off that wiki and building the information there as a static web site instead, as part of my migration away from managing a server as I said in my introduction.

2013-08-25 19:44:00 -0500Aug 25, 2013

CSS Tricks: Drop Caps

CSS is a powerful little language for specifying all sorts of things you can do with layouts and elements on a web page. Here we look at bringing an old typography trick for books to the modern web: Drop Caps.

2013-08-23 19:36:00 -0500Aug 23, 2013

Scary Scary Goblin Shark

I just found out about the Goblin Shark today via Mental Floss Watercooler Ammo news. It’s an extraordinary creature, with a very scary looking snout, and the most amazing ability to thrust it’s jaws out of it’s mouth to capture it’s prey. Talk about your Alien shark!!.

2013-08-20 03:43:00 -0500Aug 20, 2013

Venus Solar Eclipse

Today’s image on apod shows a startling image of Venus transiting the Sun:

2013-08-19 18:53:00 -0500Aug 19, 2013

Technorati Verification 4TSQW83NZQ59

Technorati Verification

2013-08-11 09:59:00 -0500Aug 11, 2013

Bootstrap Follies: Vertically and Horizontally Centered Form

Bootstrap provides a really nice framework and set of components to make a very nice looking web page out of the box. However, it’s not always clear how to do something. A frequently asked question among CSS newbies is:

2013-08-09 12:14:00 -0500Aug 9, 2013

Imogen Heap knows how to create an audience

Imogen Heap knows how to connect with her fans, build an audience, and give them a chance to be part of the creation of her work.

2013-08-08 18:59:00 -0500Aug 8, 2013

Shout Out for Codeship.IO: Adding Transcripts to Video Blogs

In which your humble correspondent sings the praises for some people really trying to get it.

2013-08-02 04:51:00 -0500Aug 2, 2013

Programmers Creativity

I think most people think programming is cold, precise, and mechanical. It’s actually creative, perplexing and deeply personal.

— Unknown (from

2013-07-23 20:50:00 -0500Jul 23, 2013

Quote: Miguel de Cervantes

Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn.

— Miguel de Cervantes

2013-07-16 09:53:00 -0500Jul 16, 2013

San Francisco Fog Time-Lapse Videos

Two fabulously wonderful time-lapse videos of fog over the San Francisco Bay area

2013-07-06 12:14:00 -0500Jul 6, 2013

Caption Hover Effects in CSS3

Link to a tutuorial on CSS3 hover effects for image captions.

2013-07-05 00:36:00 -0500Jul 5, 2013

Another great computer hero falls....

On Friday, Jul 3rd 2013, another great hero of computer technology, Douglas Englebart, passed away at the age of 88.

2013-06-13 22:03:00 -0500Jun 13, 2013

It's not easy to hug a hedgie...

It’s not easy to hug a hedgie….

2013-06-13 20:32:00 -0500Jun 13, 2013

A Supercell Near Booker, Texas, in Time Lapse

Video of a supercell near Booker, Texas.

2013-06-09 20:00:00 -0500Jun 9, 2013

Jane Addams quote - Peace with Justice

True peace is not merely the absence of war, it is the presence of justice.

Jane Addams

2013-06-02 20:00:00 -0500Jun 2, 2013

TeaDog is AwesomeDog

A rather cute dog serving tea with a teacup on it’s head.

2013-05-15 21:00:00 -0500May 15, 2013

Roles and Activities in Software Development

A short article on various roles and activities performed by those roles in the course of software development.

2013-05-15 13:20:00 -0500May 15, 2013

Possible Topics for SWaaC

A list of potential topics to discuss and explore as software craftspeople.

2013-05-15 13:18:00 -0500May 15, 2013

Introduction to Software as a Craft

I have been thinking about software as a craft for some months now. Having gotten a new job working as a quality assurance cum process architect since October, and being surrounded by really cool software devs of varying experience, talent, and skills, I am thinking about how can one achieve the mindset of a master crafts-person in the realm of software development?

2013-05-15 00:00:00 -0500May 15, 2013


I am starting this blog, website, collection of topics, information store (in other words, I’m not sure what I’m really going to do with it yet) to have a place far from my experience with running Wordpress blogs and other software on a personal VPS (Virtual Private Server). Running my own VPS has been educational, but it is not serving me, and is making me regret having one.

2012-12-04 23:02:50 -0600Dec 4, 2012

code as literature, software dev as communication

Kind of a random bit of monologue, but I thought it might be interesting to save and think about sometime in the future.

2012-02-25 09:25:54 -0600Feb 25, 2012

Lightning Display on Ikaria Island, Greece - Earth Science Picture of the Day

A really amazing shot of many lightning bolts striking the Earth on Ikaria Island, Greece.

2012-01-23 23:35:32 -0600Jan 23, 2012

January Aurora Over Norway

I don’t know what else to say about this but OMGSOAWESOME!!!!

2012-01-23 03:51:34 -0600Jan 23, 2012

Amazing Time-Lapse of Yosemite in High Def

This is a really awesome time-lapse video of Yosemite National Park in California.

2012-01-22 00:30:10 -0600Jan 22, 2012

Awesomeness Captured!!

A rather awesome picture of an ant holding a twig over it’s head that’s about 3 times as big as it is.

2012-01-16 14:16:33 -0600Jan 16, 2012


Mogees are tiny microphones that can attach to any surface and are used to pick up vibrations made by touching, tapping, swiping or other gestures on the surface they are attached to. The applications for this are astounding to think about.

2012-01-16 08:26:23 -0600Jan 16, 2012

Another GREAT Aurora over Russia in Time-Lapse

I love time-lapse photography, especially when it comes to Earth and Milky Way movies. This was shot in 2012 during the (then) height of the biggest aurora borealis show in recent years.

2012-01-11 14:51:33 -0600Jan 11, 2012

Amazing 3-dimensional paintings of goldfish in resin

This is incredibly amazing painting done by Riusuke Fukahori. He is painting the goldfish layer upon layer on resin, filling in details as he builds up the painting, then pouring on another layer of resin, and painting agian. The results are absolutely incredible.

2012-01-05 21:03:39 -0600Jan 5, 2012

Gorgeous shot of comet during trip to ISS

Shots of Comet Lovejoy from the ISS by @astrocoastie.

2012-01-03 03:06:28 -0600Jan 3, 2012

Grace and Diversity in Underwater Photography

Some amazing underwater photography by Mark Laita

2012-01-03 00:00:38 -0600Jan 3, 2012

Full Sky Aurora Over Norway

A full-sky aurora over Norway.

2011-10-25 03:22:32 -0500Oct 25, 2011

Another personal hero falls....

Another one of my personal heroes and someone who shaped me very early on in my life as a computer scientist, John McCarthy, the Father of Lisp, has passed on. I can’t begin to imagine how I might have turned out as a CS person without discovering Lisp early in University. It has pretty much affected how I view programming as both a craft and an art form.

2011-10-16 17:42:05 -0500Oct 16, 2011

FDR - Words for Today's Occupation

From his speech at the DNC in 1936, Franklyn Roosevelt said thse words, probably without realizing how prophetic they’d become:

2011-10-12 23:00:49 -0500Oct 12, 2011

So passes a real hero of the computing age

I just heard that Dennis Ritchie passed away:

2011-10-12 06:12:17 -0500Oct 12, 2011

Not my generation, I wish it were

2011-05-13 23:32:58 -0500May 13, 2011

Another Glorious Day in New Orleans

We had so much fun today. First was another tour of the Tulane campus, pictures by daylight today! We stopped in at the campus bookstore and I picked some Tulane swag.

2011-05-13 01:26:50 -0500May 13, 2011

A Glorious Day in New Orleans

Today was a glorious day in New Orleans!

2010-10-15 01:18:31 -0500Oct 15, 2010

Amazing Double Backflip in a Wheelchair

Quite a while ago, I posted about Aaron Fotheringham doing a backflip in a wheelchair.

2010-10-01 16:55:09 -0500Oct 1, 2010

Descendants -- a short animated film

I just watched one of the most gorgeous CG animated films of all time.

2010-05-18 00:00:00 -0500May 18, 2010

A Disturbance in the Force...?

A rather interesting article describing how there are times when the universe (or at least our local observable portion of it) reacts to a common human experience.

2008-10-31 15:26:21 -0500Oct 31, 2008

Wheelchair Athlete's Back Flip Lands Him In Record Book

Aaron Fotheringham doing his backflip that landed him in the Guiness Book of world records. Kid is 16, and amazing performance.

2008-02-24 07:50:17 -0600Feb 24, 2008

Poetry: Self Evident, by Ani DeFranco

A poem by Ani DiFranco, inspired by the events of 9/11.

2007-09-16 20:32:31 -0500Sep 16, 2007

Poem: Detroit Annie -- Hitchhiking, by Judy Grain

Read by Ani DiFranco on the Carnegie 2002 live album.

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